Artifical Intelligence News

08:00 28 May
  Hawking, Higgs and Over 3,000 Other Scientists Support UN Nuclear Ban Negotiations Chinese Future of Life Institute
  The Problem of Defining Autonomous Weapons Chinese Future of Life Institute

06:00 28 May
  Safe Artificial Intelligence May Start with Collaboration Chinese Future of Life Institute

05:00 27 May
  The Evolution of AI: Can Morality be Programmed? Chinese Future of Life Institute

13:00 25 May
  An elastic fiber filled with electrodes set to revolutionize smart clothes Science Daily

01:00 25 May
  What Can We Learn From Cape Town’s Water Crisis? Future of Life Institute

17:00 24 May
  Robots will have civil rights by 2045, claims creator of 'I will destroy humans' android Independant

15:00 24 May
  Facial recognition software could help endangered primates, slow illegal trafficking Science Daily

05:00 23 May
  Making driverless cars change lanes more like human drivers do Massachusetts Institute of Technology

15:00 22 May
  Driverless cars change lanes more like humans do Science Daily

05:00 22 May
  When Should Machines Make Decisions? Russian Future of Life Institute

04:00 22 May

21:00 21 May
  Teaching Today’s AI Students To Be Tomorrow’s Ethical Leaders: An Interview With Yan Zhang Future of Life Institute

18:00 21 May
  Soft machines: Fast, low-voltage actuator for soft and wearable robotics Science Daily

05:00 21 May
  Developing Countries Can’t Afford Climate Change Russian Future of Life Institute

16:00 18 May
  Open Letter on the Digital Economy Chinese Future of Life Institute

06:00 18 May
  Artificial Intelligence and Income Inequality Chinese Future of Life Institute

05:00 18 May
  Complex AI Systems Explain Their Actions Chinese Future of Life Institute

01:00 18 May
  ICRAC Open Letter Opposes Google’s Involvement With Military Future of Life Institute

16:00 17 May
  Robots grow mini-organs from human stem cells Science Daily

15:00 17 May
  Autonomous glider can fly like an albatross, cruise like a sailboat Science Daily

06:00 17 May
  Researchers develop virtual-reality testing ground for drones Massachusetts Institute of Technology

18:00 15 May
  The first wireless flying robotic insect takes off Science Daily
  New robot concept uses responsive materials to swim through water Science Daily

16:00 14 May
  Robot teaches itself how to dress people Science Daily

18:00 10 May
  Brain-computer interface based on mutual learning helps tetraplegics in avatar race Science Daily

22:00 8 May
  Celebrating 21st century statistics Massachusetts Institute of Technology

19:00 7 May
  AI detects patterns of gut microbes for cholera risk Science Daily

13:00 7 May
  3D reconstruction of hidden branch structures made by using image analysis and AI tech Science Daily

06:00 7 May
  Self-driving cars for country roads Massachusetts Institute of Technology

19:00 4 May
  FLI April, 2018 Newsletter Future of Life Institute

18:00 3 May
  Could robots be counselors? Early research shows positive user experience Science Daily

19:00 30 April
  Lethal Autonomous Weapons: An Update from the United Nations Future of Life Institute

16:00 30 April
  Google founder warns of AI's 'sci-fi style sentience' potential Independant

11:00 29 April
  Investment in artificial intelligence is essential for our future health Independant

01:00 28 April
  Podcast: What Are the Odds of Nuclear War? A Conversation With Seth Baum and Robert de Neufville Future of Life Institute

14:00 26 April
  Transparent eel-like soft robot can swim silently underwater Science Daily

16:00 25 April
  Turning deep-learning AI loose on software development Science Daily

22:00 24 April
  Building AI systems that make fair decisions Massachusetts Institute of Technology

16:00 24 April
  Storm damage to forests costs billions – here's how artificial intelligence can help Independant

11:00 20 April
  AI researchers earning over $1m at non-profit organisations Independant

18:00 18 April
  Researchers design 'soft' robots that can move on their own Science Daily

15:00 18 April
  Robot developed for automated assembly of designer nanomaterials Science Daily

13:00 18 April
  Teaching computers to play Doom is a blind alley for AI – here's an alternative Independant

17:00 17 April
  An AI that makes road maps from aerial images Science Daily

15:00 17 April
  A new way to automatically build road maps from aerial images Massachusetts Institute of Technology

18:00 16 April
  Two robots are better than one: 5G antenna measurement research Science Daily
  Face recognition technology that works in the dark Science Daily

19:00 10 April
  Pioneering digital collaborations Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  Are Conscious AI Dangerous? Chinese Future of Life Institute

15:00 5 April
  Bowel cancer patient recovering after rare robotic double surgery Independant

14:00 5 April
  Artificial intelligence researchers boycott South Korean university amid fears it is developing killer robots Independant

05:00 5 April
  Artificial intelligence in action Massachusetts Institute of Technology

23:00 4 April
  Podcast: Inverse Reinforcement Learning and Inferring Human Preference with Dylan Hadfield-Menell Future of Life Institute
  Podcast: Inverse Reinforcement Learning and Inferring Human Preferences with Dylan Hadfield-Menell Future of Life Institute
  AI and Robotics Researchers Boycott South Korea Tech Institute Over Development of AI Weapons Technology Future of Life Institute

22:00 4 April
  Computer system transcribes words users “speak silently” Massachusetts Institute of Technology

15:00 4 April
  Artificial intelligence will help predict alien life on other planets Independant

13:00 4 April
  Artificial intelligence helps to predict likelihood of life on other worlds Science Daily
  Artificial intelligence helps predict likelihood of life on other worlds Science Daily

05:00 4 April
  FLI March, 2018 Newsletter Future of Life Institute

15:00 1 April
  Facebook and Google are becoming too big to be governed, French president Macron warns Independant

17:00 30 March
  Podcast: Navigating AI Safety – From Malicious Use to Accidents Future of Life Institute

05:00 30 March
  Computer searches telescope data for evidence of distant planets Massachusetts Institute of Technology

22:00 29 March
  2018 Spring Conference: Invest in Minds Not Missiles Future of Life Institute

21:00 29 March
  Chinese police to use facial recognition technology to send jaywalkers instant fines by text Independant

13:00 29 March
  Chemical synthesis with artificial intelligence: Researchers develop new computer method Science Daily

11:00 29 March
  Top 10 bathroom innovations of the future from voice recognition to hovering mirrors Independant

07:00 29 March
  How Do We Align Artificial Intelligence with Human Values? German Future of Life Institute

15:00 28 March
  Teaching machines to spot the essential Science Daily
  Dissecting artificial intelligence to better understand the human brain Science Daily

19:00 23 March
  Scientist create remote-control robotic fish which swims through coral reefs and takes high-resolution photos Independant
  Soft robotic fish swims alongside real ones in coral reefs Massachusetts Institute of Technology

13:00 21 March
  Can artificial intelligence be used to study gut microbes in patients? Science Daily

12:00 20 March
  Pipe-crawling robot will help decommission DOE nuclear facility Science Daily

04:00 19 March
  Understanding Artificial General Intelligence — An Interview With Hiroshi Yamakawa Russian Future of Life Institute

03:00 18 March
  55 Years After Preventing Nuclear Attack, Arkhipov Honored With Inaugural Future of Life Award Russian Future of Life Institute

15:00 16 March
  L'Oreal snaps up Canadian AI make-up company in digital push Independant
  L'Oreal snaps up Canadian AI makeup company in digital push Independant

22:00 15 March
  How AI Handles Uncertainty: An Interview With Brian Ziebart Future of Life Institute

13:00 15 March
  Origami-inspired self-locking foldable robotic arm Science Daily

16:00 14 March
  Is your smile male or female? Science Daily
  Stephen Hawking death: The famed physicist's best quotes Independant
  Stephen Hawking in Memoriam Future of Life Institute

22:00 13 March
  3 Questions: The future of transportation systems Massachusetts Institute of Technology

17:00 13 March
  Google's AI program: Building better algorithms for detecting eye disease Science Daily

06:00 13 March
  The autonomous “selfie drone” Massachusetts Institute of Technology

00:00 13 March
  Ag robot speeds data collection, analyses of crops as they grow Science Daily

20:00 9 March
  The "Infinite" in the Bay Area Massachusetts Institute of Technology

14:00 9 March
  Six-legged robots get closer to nature Science Daily

23:00 8 March
  Can Global Warming Stay Below 1.5 Degrees? Views Differ Among Climate Scientists Future of Life Institute

13:00 8 March
  Google's decision to build AI for Pentagon drones divides company Independant

08:00 8 March
  The Future of Humanity Institute Releases Three Papers on Biorisks Russian Future of Life Institute
  The Federal Government Updates Biotech Regulations Russian Future of Life Institute

07:00 8 March
  Developing Ethical Priorities for Neurotechnologies and AI Russian Future of Life Institute
  Westworld Op-Ed: Are Conscious AI Dangerous? Russian Future of Life Institute

22:00 7 March
  MIT Intelligence Quest kicks off Massachusetts Institute of Technology

14:00 7 March
  Scientists help robots understand humans with 20 questions game idea Science Daily

16:00 6 March
  ML 2.0: Machine learning for many Massachusetts Institute of Technology

14:00 5 March
  Researchers want to teach computers to learn like humans Science Daily