My 3 Month Roadmap

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As of 1 January 2018, I have been committed to a three month sabbatical that will allow me to learn and explore the following areas of interest

  • Cryptocurrencies and the underlying technology - blockchain
  • Machine Learning and predictive analysis
  • Technical Analysis for trading
  • Bot development

My project is to build a trading bot that will be able to track cryptocurrency prices and using a combination of technical analysis, trading strategies and machine learning be able to produce buy and sell signals.

My research will be based on gathering information from online courses, eBooks, the internet and social media platforms.

Below is a list of some courses that I have registered for;

Machine Learning



The objective is that by creating a trading bot, based on my research above, I will have learnt a lot about Cryptocurrencies, Machine Learning and Technical Analysis.

Most of my work will be published on this website along with information for those that are also interested in the similar topics.

I welcome any feedback, so please feel free to drop me an email or post on one of my social media platforms.

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