2018 Altcoins to watch

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I came across this cool website called Coinvision.co - it is an AI solution that crawls websites, blogs, social media pages, channels, credible Redditors and other sources to deliver alerts directly to it's community via Facebook Messenger.

An article that caught my eye can be found at https://www.coinvision.co/articles/8-altcoins-likely-to-pump-in-january-2018-view-source-to-read

Below are a list of Altcoins they recommend - interesting to see the technology variations along with value proposition.  I have condensed this info from original article for brevity.


  • Runs its own blockchain
  • Improves on Ethereum’s algorithm which has made it more efficient and secure than Ethereum
  • Designed to support a smart economy using digital identity technology
  • Facilitates smart contracts

0x ($ZRX)

  • Decentralized cryptocurrency exchange for ERC20 tokens
  • Established on top of the Ethereum blockchain
  • It aims at overcoming security issues related to the centralization exchanges

Cardano ($ADA)

  • Offers a blockchain environment that supports financial applications
  • Efficient and secure
  • Architecture that has both users and regulators in mind
  • Could offer e-commerce providers the benefits of blockchain while still adhering to regulation

Substratum ($SUB)

  • Aims at rewarding users, rather than miners
  • Business or users can host apps or websites on their network
  • Individuals can easily allocate part of their CPU’s capacity to run the nodes that forward the content from the website hosts, paying them back in Substratum ($SUB)
  • It provides a safe and private way of accessing the Internet without censorship


  • Runs its own blockchain architecture
  • Highly scalable
  • Capable of supporting accounts, authentication, databases, asynchronous communication and any type of application on top of its blockchain
  • Can process millions of transactions per second at nearly zero cost.

Cindicator ($CND)

  • Uses hybrid intelligence to make financial projections on the price of crypto assets
  • It uses the collective reasoning from its thousands of users coupled with machine learning capabilities, to reach its conclusions


  • identifies itself as a third generation crypto
  • Designed to serve developments within the Internet of Things
  • Structured on a blockchain transaction confirmation structure called Tangle.
  • Technology enables the removal of transaction fees.

Salt Lending ($SALT)

  • Blockchain-based cash lending structure
  • Allows users to acquire loans in fiat currency using their cryptocurrency assets as collateral.
  • This permits borrowers to maintain their positions in crypto, instead of liquidating their positions when they need cash.


Three other coins with some powerful attributes for 2018 are mentioned on



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